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While on longer rides, food and extra layers are a necessity, and being able to reach them easily while riding is an important feature. This bag was created out of such needs, in a lightweight and quickly-mountable setup. Capacity cca 3L.
Year: 2019/2020
Prototyping - one of the biggest challenges was keeping the contents dry and providing structure and shape to the bag. Waterproof outer material, liner and rubberized zipper keep the water out. The stiffener is added through an opening in the back, between the outer layer and the liner.
The final versions are made from PA fabric surplus, tent canvases and water-resistant zippers, with a stiffener inserted through a specific back pocket. The stiffener is made from old polyethylene IKEA desk pads.
Attaches via two velcro straps on the handlebar and an adjustable elastic cord on the bicycle headtube, to fit multiple kinds of bikes. Two open sidepockets are for small items such as food wrappers, and the webbing in the front is for light attachment.