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ZGODA, Internship project
While on internship in Market Kolektiv, we worked on a design competition creating objects intended for consumption of Zagreb water. My role was associated with conceptualization, modelling and rendering the objects. The project shared the the main prize with three other finalists.
Year: 2018/19
The concept lies on the most valuable fact of Zagreb water - the close proximity of natural water springs to the city. The project aims to promote the pureness of Zagreb water and it’s direct connection to the natural sources.
čaše i flaša.jpg
Glass containers with round bottoms are nestled into rattan cup holders/bottle caps, relating to the lively and amorphic nature of water contained in the outdoors. The rattan cane material has traditional use in vessels such as baskets and demijohns, but it also shares the natural habitat with water near the springs. The webbing provides a settling antipode to the dynamic properties of water, and to the shape of glasses and bottles.
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